“Came by [a local bar] one night and saw the festivities and thought it looked pretty fun.
When the next event came around, I made sure to attend and enjoyed every second if it.
From the great hosting and teaching, to the location and staff.
Was able to doodle to my heart’s content without any pressure or judgement. Would totally recommend it and can’t wait for the next one!”

– Sven S.

“Great: Girlfriend invited me on a day out at a local brewery, and we ended up doing a painting. I knew about it going in, but it was definitely more fun then I should’ve had. I am not artistic nor do I do arts and crafts, but I had a fun. Anna was helpful encouraging and I always had supplies I needed. It was a walk in the park for a beginner. Reasonable pricing and fun for all.
Bad: Hard to hear her at times with the few tables not in on the art project, but everyone’s sampling and having a good time. It was still easy to do as a beginner.”

-Matt M.